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    Preventative Maintenance

    The main goal of any Preventative Maintenance program attempts to routinely check a piece of equipment and catch the small problems before they become big problems. With UptimePM, there are no more excuses. Hold your employees accountable for regular daily checks to help minimize downtime.

    Are you tired of dealing with all the paperwork related to pen and paper checklists? Managing this process is frustrating. Using UptimePM will allow you to receive digital information and remove the need for all this paperwork.

    Use the UptimePM mobile app and interactive dashboard for preventative maintenance of your heavy and light equipment, tractors and trailers, roll offs, fleet vehicles, small machines and process lines. What sets UptimePM apart? UptimePM allows clients to customize their PM’s and has unique features built in so that operators are held accountable for performing the PM’s Pre Shift as well as Post Shift

    Web Dashboard

    UptimePM is more than just a mobile app. The web dashboard is the brains behind the app. Your equipment, PM inspection history, fluid consumption, equipment Uptime and work orders will all be digitally yours.

    Customize PM’s per equipment needs

    All types of equipment tracking for PM purposes: Heavy Equipment, Light Equipment, Stationary equipment, Process Lines, Roll Off Trucks, Tractor Trailers and more

    Ability to standardize the PM across operators and maintenance personnel company wide

    Equipment hours posted immediately and required by operators in order to better plan service intervals and scheduled maintenance

    Accountability and the peace of mind of knowing your capital investments are being taken care of

    UptimePM on Google Play Store

    Our Application

    UptimePM is available in the Google Play Store (ANDROID) and the App Store (iOS). Never worry again about an operator not having a pen to complete their PM. The mobile device is used to perform the PM.

    Simple and Intuitive

    Preventative Maintenance is standardized across the equipment and across the users allowing for easier trainability

    Easy login access with Face ID or Touch ID

    Live pictures taken by the operators and no ability to insert a photo from the library and pictures never stored in operator’s album

    Pictures are compressed avoiding large use of data on device

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    About US

    The idea for UptimePM was created by an operations manager who was fed up with the difficulties of managing preventative maintenance for his company. With a paper system, there is so much unnecessary time in printing the PM checklists, getting them to the operators, collecting them from the operators, making sure they had pens, reviewing the data, entering the data, etc. Enough was enough. A very skilled developer loved the idea and put the code to the keyboard and helped create UptimePM.

    UptimePM has a motto of constant improvement in all things we do. We will listen to our clients’ needs in order to constantly deliver functions and features that add value above the cost of business.

    A good Preventative Maintenance app starts with the operators in the field. The operators must have the tools necessary to perform their job. There is no greater tool than UptimePM to convey to your employees that preventative maintenance is not an option, it is a requirement. Join UptimePM and this is what you will broadcast to your company.

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    We love to hear feedback from our customers. We will always use this information to constantly improve in all that we do.

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